A show that sends enemies on a road trip to find redemption...

or the nearest exit.

It’s hard enough to be stuck in a car for hours with someone you love.  But what if you’re forced to go on a road trip with a person who really grinds your gears?   Does that sound like a total nightmare?  Well it sounds like a TV show to us!  “Relationtrip” is a series that aims to settle disputes by luring people into a vehicle together and sending them on a very uncomfortable excursion.  If the pair is able to work out their differences by the time they reach their destination, they’ll win a prize, and possibly redemption.  If the whole thing turns into a giant, unending shit storm, it’ll be even more fun!

Comedian Giulia Rozzi

Comedian Giulia Rozzi

Each episode begins with the two travelers being dropped off separately at a designated location  where they are met by our host, comedian Giulia Rozzi, who informs them what is about to go down.  They are given a minute to decide if they want to take the trip, during which time a package chronicling the history of the dispute will bring viewers up to speed on why these folks have beef.  The combatants are encouraged by the friend or family member who lured them there to give the journey a shot, and Giulia adds an additional twist of the arm with the promise of a mystery prize and a chance to have their dirty laundry scrutinized by a national television audience.


After the duo agrees, they set off and Giulia follows in a trail car, watching on a monitor and listening to their every word.  Giulia serves as the road guide, talking to the travelers via their car radio speakers.  She gives them instructions and asks questions to provoke revealing and sometimes awkward conversations.  Using information provided from pre-screening interviews, Giulia prods them to explore their disagreement, which could lead to harmony or even more drama.

The road warriors may also be required to pick up guest "hitch-hikers,” like a spouse or one of their parents. The addition of the third guest may add insight to the traveler’s conflict as viewers get to hear other sides of the story from a witness.  Every trip will have it's own surprise!

In the end, it’s up to the pair to decide their fate:  if they kiss and make up, they’ll be rewarded with a prize.  If not, they’ll get an earful from Giulia, who will take possession of said prize to do with what she will.

Join host Giulia Rozzi on Relationtrip, and take a ride on the road to redemption...or the nearest exit!