The Never-ending Season

When the reason you play is to travel the world, your season never ends. 

The Never Ending Season is a new twist on the tired model. Our host Rory Sweeney, is a hard-hitting, no-bullshit, world-traveling journalist who’s been immersed in different cultures for more than half of his life. He has contacts in more than 30 countries spanning 6 continents, and has played different sports  in the U.S., Denmark, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Rory will take viewers on his globe hopping adventures around the world as he hangs out with - and plays along side – players ranging from professional and national teams to weekend warriors who beat themselves up just for the thrills. Before the workouts Rory will eat and sightsee with the locals – giving audiences an authentic insider look at the cultures and exotic locations. After the matches, Rory will party with the teams like only real players do. The intimate documentary style production will make viewers feel like they are right there with Rory every step of the way – without having to suffer the hangover.

Blood will be shed. Beer will flow. We will uncover how games are intertwined with cultures all around the world.

Our Host, Rory Sweeney

Rory Sweeney is a journalist, traveler and rugby enthusiast with a penchant for fine liquors and deep conversations. The topic of discussion doesn't really matter, nor does the type of liquor. What matters is the exploration, as long as it has a purpose.

Starting in high school covering sports for his hometown newspaper, Sweeney has been practicing his craft ever since. As his skills progressed, so did his drive to explore the core of issues through his writing. In the years since, he has covered everything from murders in Philadelphia to energy and environmental issues – in print, online and in multimedia format.

Exploration with a purpose. For some, it's a mantra, a lofty goal to keep in mind. But for Sweeney, it's his outlook on life. There's a big universe out there, and he'll keep trying to make sense of it until the day he dies.