Six String Theory

Hosted by Marty Schwartz

With nearly half a billion views of his guitar videos, Marty Schwartz has taught the world how to rock. Now, on Six String Theory, he’s taking a cross-country journey to test his theory that the guitar is America’s instrument.  From New York to Austin to L.A. to Seattle, every city Marty visits has its own unique guitar stories, landmarks and people.  We’ll meet the players, collectors and fanatics that have helped transform a block of wood with strings into a symbol of youth, rebellion, sex and freedom.  We’ll visit the spots where the legends of guitar riffed their way to immortality.  Even 60 years after the first Stratocaster rolled off the assembly line, America’s love affair with the guitar shows no signs of slowing. That’s the theory, anyway…the Six String Theory.

Six String Stories

"Six String Stories" is a segment of the show featuring an animated story narrated by musicians. Marty talks to them about famous, or sometimes infamous, stories from their careers.  That time when Stevie Wonder sat in with Soulive, Scott Metzger's first gig ever and the ketchup-drenched french fries that were thrown at his guitar, or Rob Thomas' experience opening for Megadeath early in his career; they're all six string stories that come alive with clever animation.

About Marty

Whether you're just a beginner or an old fart trying to expand his book of tricks, Marty Schwartz is without a doubt the best guitar teacher on the internet.  His YouTube channel has over a billion hits from nearly a million subscribers.  Just read the comments under any of his lessons and you'll see why Marty is the world's most loved guitar teacher.