Go Go Ghost Girls

The female paranormal investigation group.

"We might not be the most experienced or knowledgable on the subject of the paranormal, but we totally have a blast and the ghost f***ing love us." - Ande

Go Go Ghost Girls is a female powered romp through the world of the supernatural and paranormal. Ande, China, and Eanna are not your typical girls, or ghost hunters. The team has a fun playful approach to America’s newest obsession. They use femininity and sexuality as a way to draw spectral figures into communication, but if they encounter something demonic they’re trained to kick ass. They may not be the most experienced or informed, but they sure do have fun.

At night the girls are ghost hunters, but during the day they attend super hero combat training and vampire slaying school, practice taxidermy, and help the occasional drag queen with makeup and costumes.

The three ladies met while working at one of America’s last remaining custom mask and costume manufacturers where they built and designed masks of vampires, demons, ghouls, and monsters. One night, they decided to go out and find some real supernatural entities.



Ande is a gifted artist and the unofficial leader of the Go Go Ghost Girls. She’s a tough cookie looking for proof of a spectral existence. She’s the reckless headstrong one who jumps into everything hastily, typically without doing research.


As a child, China was followed by a demon, even as she moved from town to town with her family. She knows firsthand the dangers of messing with the supernatural and has had physical encounters that have done damage to both her body and her house. China is also a talented makeup artist who is revered by drag queens and Halloween enthusiasts alike. 


Eanna is the skeptical mother of the group and was drawn into this because of her concern for Ande’s impulsive nature and lack of fear. Eanna doesn’t really believe in the other world, but she’s always down to try to communicate with spirits while having some fun with good friends. And If it’s a violent spirit, Eanna’s well prepared to kick some ass.